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Krill Oil

Krill Oil compared to fish oil, krill oil may be of a much higher quality. High quality krill oil, derived from cold Antarctic waters, may be of greater purity compared to fish oil derived from seas exposed to more pollutants and the influence of man.

Compared to wild caught Antarctic krill, there is a higher risk of contaminants in fish from more polluted waters, which may contain traces of dioxins, PCBs and heavy metals such as mercury.

Krill are at the lower end of the food chain, unlike fish which are more likely to accumulate contaminants in greater quantities from dietary sources further down the chain.

Unlike many fish oils, Antarctic krill oil comes from a continent where there are fewer contaminants in the environment. However, it should be stated that there are commercially available, high quality brands of fish oil which use wild caught, naturally fed fish from unpolluted waters; these include Nordic Naturals fish oil.